Game of Life

C++, JavaScript, WebAssembly

An implementation of Conway's Game of Life in a WebAssembly module, rendered with JavaScript.
A live demo is available here:

Course Material Compiler

Bourne Shell, XPath

This project consists of bash scripts using the xmllint utility to extract chapter page links and compile them all together into a single HTML document. I made this project so that I and other students could quickly access notes from the same page. Requires the installation of xmllint, which is available from the 'libxml2-utils' package. Alternatively, you could substitute xmllint with any other program that supports XPath queries.

Waveform Plotter for Windows

Windows API, OpenGL, C++

An application utilizing the Windows API and using libsndfile for loading WAVE sound files and GLFW drawing the user interface. The Windows SDK and the two libraries are required for building this application, and it is recommended that it is built with VIsual Studio.